The Beerhive Pub

A quaint pub mashed between two long walls. Classic rock and electric blues energize the high ceiling, drifting down to mingle with the clink of glasses and the voices of satisfied patrons. In the low lights, one can easily get lost in the atmosphere as well as the bottom of your glass. The employees exhibit that Salt Lake kind of charm and a unique intuition, appearing precisely when you were thinking you could use a refill.

My experience included a $10 cheeseburger with fries, not too bad, considering the fries are warm and perfectly crispy. The hamburger itself is a beef patty, grilled just enough to give each bite a savory edge. Lettuce and a thin tomato slice take the heat off enough to provide balance to your palate. To be frank, I thought it was a damn good burger, but after a day of traveling, I might be a little biased. What they’ve got on tap is perfect for quenching your thirst when you get tired of the dry city air. If you’re ever in Salt Lake City, I’d recommend a visit.

A relaxing night. Oct 2016.

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